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Christian Reflection

 Reflection Reflection

Read these thought-provoking articles on issues of religion, ethics, biblical studies, and the church.

How much diversity

Diversity seems to be a buzz-word these days, but can the Diversity agenda be taken too far?

Born Too Late

My retirement speech to the York and Hull District Synod, giving my opinion on the way things are going and a call for a return to some sort of balance

Why pray?

Some bad reasons and some very good ones!

What kind of role should the church play in society? Should it play any part in the establishment? Should it have any official position? This article may give an answer you do not expect.

Emptying Ourselves

and does it matter if he isn’t?

Is God relevant?

Two giants of the early medieval church who have received very different press treatments of late. One as a great hero, and the other as an arch villain. But have both popular portraits been overdone>

Columba and Wilfrid

Christian Unity according to the Gospel of John

Sometimes it seems like Christians can never be united! But this has been a problem for followers of Jesus from the very beginning, and it was something Jesus and his followers felt the need to emphasise the need for time and time again. But what kind of unity did Jesus pray for, and what kind of unity does Christ wish to see in his church today? Is it just a matter of each allowing the other to go their own way in peace, or is it something more? This article was written for an academic journal, so it goes into detail. If you want the quick answer, skip to the end, and then you may wish to read the rest to see how I justify it.